Joe McQuany
Joe McQuany - Founder
November 16, 1928 -
October 25, 2007


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We are thrilled to present Serenity Park Japan!  This is just one
example of the work that Kelly Foundation does around the world.
Thank you to our Japanese friends and colleagues and to all of our
supporters.  We continue to carry the message and the legacy of Joe

Click here to Visit Serenity Park Japan Web Site

Serenity House, Inc.

Serenity Park is a non-profit treatment facility for chemically dependent men and women.  Our treatment model, Recovery Dynamics, is 12-Step based and is designed to insure long-term sobriety from alcohol and drugs.  Our program includes a rigorous schedule of group sessions, intensive individual counseling, family counseling as needed, and attendance at 12-step meetings both on site and in the community.  Serenity Park’s first priority is to provide the highest quality of care to individuals suffering the disease of addiction in a manner that prepares them to live productive, healthy, happy lives once they’ve completed treatment